Sunday, July 20, 2008

iMiners signs first eShareholderForum client

This week we received a signed contract for our first eShareholderForum client. This company will also be using us on their website for "Press Releases By Type" to enhance the content they currently have hosted by Thomson Reuters. We are very excited about this as we just announced eShareholderForum as a product 6 weeks ago. Oxygen Biotherapeutics is traded on the OTC:BB exchange with the ticker OXBO. They have an IR consultant (Abe Wischnia) and a CEO (Chris Stern) who are both forward-thinking and enthusiastic about proactively communicating with shareholders. We look forward to working with Abe and Chris going forward, and look forward to the continued accelerating interest in eShareholderForum from other companies who are not afraid of using "Web 2.0" technology to engage in a dialogue with shareholders.

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