Sunday, July 20, 2008

iMiners signs first eShareholderForum client

This week we received a signed contract for our first eShareholderForum client. This company will also be using us on their website for "Press Releases By Type" to enhance the content they currently have hosted by Thomson Reuters. We are very excited about this as we just announced eShareholderForum as a product 6 weeks ago. Oxygen Biotherapeutics is traded on the OTC:BB exchange with the ticker OXBO. They have an IR consultant (Abe Wischnia) and a CEO (Chris Stern) who are both forward-thinking and enthusiastic about proactively communicating with shareholders. We look forward to working with Abe and Chris going forward, and look forward to the continued accelerating interest in eShareholderForum from other companies who are not afraid of using "Web 2.0" technology to engage in a dialogue with shareholders.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Keyword Search Added to PR Cycle!

Last week we added another great enhancement to PR Cycle that has been received very positively by users. In addition to querying our news release database by ticker, portfolio, industry, category, subcategory, and date range, you can now also refine your search even further using keyword search! As an example, if you search for all Products and Services releases(category) for New Product releases (subcategory), for 2007 for the Computer Communications Equipment industry the results show 247 news releases. However, if you then use the keyword "security" it refines the results down to only 14 releases.

Another great example: if you are looking for releases that use the keyword "guidance" instead of simply all Financial releases, you can easily find the 552 news releases YTD in 2008 that have to do with guidance. Or by choosing a specific industry (for example, Semiconductors and Related Devices) you can find the 21 press releases YTD in 2008 from this industry that have earnings guidance.

So what? Here's the "so what": by using typical keyword search you cast a net too wide that comes up with too many results. Our news release database allows users to find VERY relevant information, VERY quickly. Enjoy!