Monday, May 19, 2008

iMiners, Inc. Launches PR Cycle..........

LIVERMORE, Calif., May 19, 2008 -- iMiners, Inc. announced today the availability of PR Cycle, the industry's first-and-only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for PR and IR professionals to quickly research and draft quality press releases. PR Cycle subscribers will save significant time doing research by having access to an iMiners proprietary reference library of nearly half-a-million categorized press releases issued by over 6,500 companies and growing at about 750 releases daily. Each press release is categorized and indexed for search into one of 10 major categories and 69 subcategories including Awards and Recognition, Corporate, Conference Call and Meetings, Customer and Partnerships, Financial, Industry Events, Legal, Management Changes, M&A, and Products & Services. The reference library can be searched By Category, By Subcategory, By Company, By Portfolio, By Industry, and By Date Range. Relevant, high-impact press releases can be found within seconds, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites or search engines during research. PR Cycle has a built-in word processing editor that enables the author to draft a press release securely online, save an encrypted release, export to Word or PDF, and then distribute to others for review, edit or compliance.

"It is not uncommon for a PR or IR professional to be tasked with quickly drafting a sensitive press release announcing a management change, legal issue or an M&A. Using PR Cycle, with one click you can now search for all management changes, legal, or M&A related press releases issued by peers in your industry, or all 6,500+ companies. You can do very specific searches, such as for all press releases issued in 2007 by all companies that are new product announcements, FDA Approvals, SEC investigations, charity and educational giving, or class action lawsuits. PR Cycle is an innovative new solution that saves a significant amount of research time, and allows PR and IR professionals to write high quality first drafts quickly," stated iMiners, Inc. President and Founder Jnyaneshwar Prabhu.

PR Cycle is available free of charge for one month to all first-time users. Please visit for more information and to take advantage of this risk-free offer.

About iMiners, Inc.
iMiners, Inc. is a technology company that maintains an index of categorized press releases issued by over 6,500 companies into 10 major categories and 69 subcategories. Since 2005 iMiners has been providing innovative solutions for public relations, investor relations, and the investment community, all powered by iMiners' proprietary database of nearly half-a-million categorized press releases growing at a rate of about 750 every day. iMiners' products include PR Cycle, a SaaS solution that helps PR and IR professionals quickly draft high quality press releases; PR Interactive, an innovative module that powers content on Fortune 1000 IR websites; and iMiners Data Feeds, an XML solution providing categorized news feeds for financial portals.

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