Thursday, March 20, 2008

Press Release Database

Are you a journalist looking to do research on a company/industry? Do you run a hedge fund, and are researching companies? Or in a competitive intelligence division of a company? If so, you may be interested in what iMiners can provide with our rich reference library press release database. iMiners has nearly 350,000 press releases (and growing by 750-1,000 every day) from over 6,500 companies listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq OMX, and Amex exchanges, categorized into one of 10 major categories and 69 subcategories. By using iMiners you can query our database for all news releases by ticker, by portfolio, by industry (444 SIC codes), and by category. So if you are doing research on Bear Stearns and the recent offer by JP Morgan Chase to acquire them, you can do a search in iMiners of all M&A press releases issued by companies in the National Commercial Banks industry. With the click of a button you have immediate access to dozens of recent M&A releases from companies such as Omega Financial (merger with F.N.B. Corporation), PNC Financial (acquisition of Sterling Financial), Wells Fargo (acquisition of St. Louis-based Insurance Brokers of America), and First Charter Corporation (merger with Fifth Third). Every M&A release is available going back to April 1, 2006. Manual research that used to take hours can now be done within seconds.

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